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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Crazy libs

I made this on rinkworks
The other day, I snuck into an illegal Copper Cage Grudge Match. No rules. No pervatiousnous. No mercy.

Two contestants were stuffed into a big copper thimble and forced to duke it out until one or the other was bleeding cautiously and unconscious. One of the contestants, nicknamed The Horny Codger, wore china white shoes, and the other, nicknamed The Hailing Dog, was wearing some kind of sexy thing on his eyelid. Anyway, a small referee in an ugly cloak rang the bell, and The Horny Codger and The Hailing Dog came out pondering.

The Codger led with a roundhouse thwack to the anus, but the Dog blocked with his philanges. Then the Dog pulled a pile of washingmachines out of his pockets and slammed them into the Codger's appendix. Then the Codger stuffed the Dog into a small can and jumped up and down on it. But then the Dog told the can and took The Codger and hit him and ate him and cummed him until there was this nasty mushy sound, and minute made half fat orange juice started flowing everywhere. But at the last a split nanosecond, the Codger recovered, and they ran each other's biceps, and the crowd went big, and all in all, it was a great time at the Copper Cage Grudge Match.
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